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Why study history at Brockport? Get versatile and agile for your career. Go deeper as a person in your self-development. And make a difference to others as a citizen in your local community and the world beyond it. Find out about the power of history.

At SUNY Brockport, you can major or minor in history as part of your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or enroll as a graduate student in our Masters Degree (MA) program. You can even complete a combined BA or BS/MA program in history at Brockport.

We’ve got award-winning faculty and students, a great community, internship and fellowship opportunities, scholarships, study abroad, a wonderful network of alumni, and more.

Connect history to other disciplines and training. Your history major or minor can link to other fields in the humanities, to the sciences, and to vocational training. It provides the foundation to pivot in multiple directions in your career: teaching, nursing, journalism, law, museum work, marketing, advertising, non-profit work, business, policy, science. And it roots your career in your larger development of yourself as a citizen and person.