Strong Museum Internship

Kristin Strong, MA student, got to immerse herself in games.

This semester, I’m a collections intern at the Strong National Museum of Play. My primary work up until a week or so ago had consisted of performing condition checks on various duplicate board games in The Strong’s massive collection and nominating some for potential deaccession – the shelf that I’m pictured with is what I’ve checked and nominated. When I wasn’t doing that, I was learning collections care practices from the conservator (proper cleaning methods, fixing broken toys, handling fragile books etc.) and assisting the archives staff with shifting the periodicals around the shelves to make room for more items to enter their collections. For the two days a week that I’m there, I’m never bored!

Since finishing the condition checks, I have been given another project of going through what might be the museum’s entire board game collection inventory, as another large collection might be coming in and my supervisor wants to make sure the museum won’t be getting another copy of a game that they might already have 3+ copies of. It sounds like a slow process, but it’s not the hardest thing I’ve done (the title for that belongs to measuring and cutting foam-core interleaving boards for the stacks of board game boxes in storage) and it’s busy but easy work.

Kristin Strong cleaning a video game console.

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