Opportunity—Meet with a Professional Art Conservator

Art conservator Eileen Sullivan on campus to work at the Mush Hole Lab (Cooper Hall C-7) and is available to meet with students and faculty interested in museum conservation work.

Eileen Sullivan, art conservator.

Dear MSPH students and affiliated faculty —

There will be a professional art conservator on campus this week (Wed., from ca. 10am-4pm), and she is open to meeting and talking with students about conservation while she is here. Most of the day she will be in the Mush Hole Lab (Cooper Hall C-7) evaluating the conservation needs of the Lab’s artworks. Her name is Eileen Sullivan, and she has done conservation work for most of the large museums in western New York. This is a good opportunity to learn more about this key area of work in the museum world.

If you would like to meet with Eileen, please drop me an email in advance with approximate time you may drop by the Lab.

Kind regards,

Dr. Neal Keating

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