Morgan Manning House Internship

Emma Lissow, History Major, mixed family history & hands-on skills in her local internship.

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This semester I have been interning at the Morgan-Manning House here in Brockport. I chose this site because I was interested in learning more about local history. Additionally, I wanted to get the opportunity to develop the skills of maintaining a museum and engaging with the community.

For the internship, I am working on a final project with the curator of the MMH, Dr. Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer that will be an exhibit of my own family archive materials. My family recently acquired objects from past family members that can be traced back many generations. Much of this material is from the Victorian era and has themes similar to the MMH. The idea behind the exhibit is to present how family heirlooms and photographs are commonly passed down through generations with little, if any information about them. However, researching the objects and looking into the times in which family members lived can provide stories behind the names, faces, and heirlooms. Thus, presenting a more in-depth understanding of personal family history.

For this project, I have had to research in order to develop the themes for my project. I have also learned to catalog items. I am currently learning how to utilize my gathered information in order to design an exhibit for the public. Throughout this process, I have learned some amazing information about my past family members and have been able to piece together information that had previously been unknown. Specifically, I have discovered ties to important historical events and people. Ultimately, my goal throughout this process has been to use my knowledge of history and apply it to my personal family history and prove there is so much that can be discovered if you dig through your old photos and heirlooms.

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