Malik Lecture: Stranger at the Gate—Film Screening & Discussion with Director Josh Seftel

Thursday, 19 October 2023, 5pm @ Nazareth University Shults Forum/FBW Lab Building/Livestream.


The Malik lecture this year will be co-hosted by Nazareth University and hosted at their campus. If you can’t make it to Nazareth University, you can watch the film/discussion live-streamed on campus or watch it from your own home.

What: Stranger at the Gate – a film about a U.S. Marine who plotted a terrorist attack against a mosque, but ended up getting to know the community instead. Followed by a Q&A with director Josh Seftel, led by Dr. Carl Davila.

When: Thursday, 19 October, 2023, 5pm

Where: Nazareth Shults Forum OR Room 202 Fannie Barrier Williams LAB OR you can tune in to the livestream from home.

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