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Events & news from Sam Maness, Brockport History Forum student president.

Dear Social Studies (Inclusive) majors – ‘Dear Social Studies (Inclusive) majors —

Below is a message from the president of the History Forum about Saturday April 20 field trip to Fort Niagara/Buffalo Naval Park (3 tickets left!), Friday April 26 afternoon event collaboration with the English club inspired by the musical Hamilton, and upcoming Forum elections to elect club officers for next year. Students who have not been members of or active in the Forum this year are still eligible to run for officer positions. Please contact Forum president Sam Maness (smane1@brockport.edu) with any questions! If professors could kindly share this information with their classes, it would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Dr. Anne Macpherson

Interim chair of History

Hello, I am Sam Maness and I am the President of the History Forum, reaching out to share an exciting opportunity with all students currently enrolled in History classes. Our student club, the History Forum, is gearing up for an engaging and enriching remainder of the semester, and we would love for you to be a part of it! 

What’s Planned for the remaining weeks of this Semester?

  • Field Trip to Fort Niagara/Buffalo Naval Park (Saturday April 20th) If you are interested, we have 3 tickets left! Please email me and try to attend at least one of our meetings on 4/11 and 4/18 at 4:30 pm in room 214 of the library if you wish to attend. The Forum is covering the cost of entry tickets to both places.
  • We are collaborating with the English club and doing a Hamilton event on Friday April 26th at 2 pm. All are welcome to attend; if you’d like to help organize, please see our meeting times above.
  • The day of the elections for the History Forum will be announced Wednesday April 10th. Stay tuned for the announcement.

So what is the History Forum? It’s a student-led club dedicated to exploring the vast and dynamic world of history beyond the classroom. It’s a place where history enthusiasts can come together to share their passion, discuss various historical topics, engage in enlightening activities, and much more!

 What Do We Offer?

  • Guest Speaker Sessions: We host renowned historians and experts who shed light on various intriguing historical topics.
  • Interactive Workshops: Hands-on sessions that delve into historical research methods, archival work, and much more.
  • Field Trips: Visits to historical sites and museums to experience history first-hand.
  • Discussion Rounds: Regular meetings where members can discuss specific historical events, periods, or themes in a friendly, round-table format.

How Can You Join?

Joining is simple! Just email us at smane1@brockport.edu, and we’ll get you on board. Our meetings are held weekly at 4:30PM in Drake Memorial Library room 214 (Special Collections room).

We would be thrilled to see new faces and welcome all who have a keen interest in history.

Thank you,

Samuel Maness

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