Frost Town Archaeology Project Internship

Bailey Hartman—Anthropology Major, History Minor & Museum Studies & Public History Minor—interned with Brockport anthropologist Dr. Alex Smith.

This semester I am interning with Dr. Alexander Smith of the Anthropology department and working on the department’s Frost Town Archaeology Project. Frost Town is the name of a historic logging town that was inhabited from the early 18th to the late 20th century and was located in what is modern-day Bristol, NY on the site of the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Cumming Nature Center. The project includes engaging in and hosting archaeological field schools and summer camps, RMSC public archaeology days, and public education engagements such as exhibits and speaking at academic conferences including the Rochester Academy of Sciences at which many groups of Frost Town interns have presented.  The project has been significant because it has allowed SUNY Brockport students the opportunity to experience archaeological and historical work in conjunction with the RMSC and the experienced members of the Frost Town team while also giving back to the Bristol community and educating them about the unique local history of our region.

My work on the Frost Town Project has been primarily in maintaining and analyzing the material culture recovered from the site and discussing ways to engage the public more in the work of the project. I have been learning to use the Frost Town Database and research artifacts to contribute to the understanding of the site with the hope to be able to make this data public through the Frost Town Project’s website, The work which I have been doing with the Frost Town Archaeology Project has allowed me to focus on the aspects of public education and public data and learn to apply my skills to an education setting while still getting to do the anthropological and historical research which I love.

Frost Town team, left to right: Dr. Alex Smith, Logan Wray, Thomas Verhay, and Bailey Hartman.

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