COVID-19 Updates for Majors: Late Withdraw, Temporary Academic Leave, S/U Option

Hello History Majors,

I hope you are all well.  Today, May 6th, is the deadline for students to request a Late Withdraw from one class or a Temporary Academic Leave (which would withdraw you from all classes this semester and set you up to be absent from school next semester.)  Both forms require signatures, so if you were on the fence you need to spring into action quickly today.  But, at the same time, there are other options this semester that may be more advantageous than these.  I’ve laid the other options out first, then the forms and process for Late Withdraw and Temporary Academic Leave.

Options if you are struggling in one or more classes and fear for your GPA

  1. The S/U option; you have until May 25th to apply to switch one or more classes from a grade to S/U.  Once you request this, it is irrevocable.  The upside is a low grade in a course you would have to retake (e.g. an “E” in any required class and a “C-” or below in history classes / “C” or below in many Education classes) won’t hurt your gpa. You’ll get the U.  Or, alternately a C grade won’t pull down a high gpa.
  2. Incompletes:  If you were doing well in a class but struggled due to the switch online or family/health issues, reach out to your professor(s) and see if they would be willing to grant you an Incomplete. You must complete a contract that lays out your new deadlines and required work.  The “I” will also show up on your transcript, showing you needed extra time to complete a course, but it won’t affect your GPA. Once you complete the work, you get a grade (which will show up IA, IB, IC…etc) but factor into your GPA like a normal A, B, or C.  Deadline: before grades are submitted, but really ASAP.
  3. Late Withdraw: You need the instructor and chair’s permission and a solid reason why you need to withdraw this late in the semester. (Simply failing isn’t a reason, but issues related to Covid-19 may well be.) You will need to complete (including obtaining the required signatures)  Withdrawal Form and Explanation for Withdrawal Form .  There is a $20 fee.  Deadline Today May 6
  4. Temporary Academic Leave:  For information on a temporary academic leave read the policy then reach out to the Academic Success Center to complete the paperwork. NOTE: if you want to go on TAL for Fall you DON’T need to take it for Spring too. Read through the policy and direct any questions to your advisor or the Academic Success Center.    Deadline Today May 6  

Finally, two important caveats from the Academic Success Center:

  • Students interested in dropping/withdrawing should take precaution and consider the implications for financial aid compliance (12 credits – minimum for full time status, 15 credits – typically recommended/required for students receiving the Excelsior scholarship).
  • All drops and withdrawals are not complete until the courses are formally removed from their schedule. Encourage students to double check their schedule in Web Banner to ensure the class has been removed.

If you have questions about taking the Late Withdraw or TAL, you should probably reach out to the Academic Success Center and your advisor at the same time (and you can cc me if you like) because you don’t have much time to get clarification before the 5pm deadline.  


Dr. Thompsell

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