Brookside Museum Internship

Kristin Jorgensen, MA student, interned at the Brookside Museum in Ballston Spa, NY, home of the Saratoga County History Center.

Visiting the Brookside Museum as a child and then bringing my own children here when they were little meant that an internship here was both a great addition to my studies and deeply fulfilling personally. What is now combined as Brookside Museum and Saratoga County History Center has been a fixture in the community since 1970, providing a museum that celebrates local history through exhibits, community outreach, school programs, and research resources. Since last summer, I’ve been working as an intern sorting, organizing, and updating the museum’s administrative records and files.

Like many small organizations, staffing has always been a challenge, and the work to be done far exceeds the capacity of the small museum staff and engaged, active board members and volunteers. The museum’s records have been accumulating since 1964 and were disorganized and bordered on unusable. Being short-staffed, getting them in order took a back seat to other museum projects like fundraising and exhibits. This led to inefficiencies and challenges in day-to-day museum operations. I have spent my internship getting things in order, which contributes to the ongoing success of the museum. It’s also given me the opportunity to learn about items in the extensive collection, see firsthand the importance of the paper process and contribute to the museum’s ongoing success.

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