Berkley Folk Music Festival Project Internship

Sam Sevor, History Major, developed digital history & research skills working on a data visualization project for historian Dr. Michael Kramer’s Berkeley Folk Music Festival Project.

This entire semester I have been working with Dr. Kramer to help understand a primary document called “Humbead’s Revised Map of the World.” The document was created during the folk music revival period as a form of joke between two artists on how they thought about the world. This is a critical document to understand in order to determine some of the in-depth knowledge about how different artists during this time thought about themselves and how they thought of the world.  Over the course of the semester, I have certainly learned a lot about the folk music revival period, as well as the different places in which the folk revival took place. 

My work this semester has been mostly research around the New York City area of the map. I have developed entries and information about different artists such as Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, and different areas such as Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, and the Gaslight CafĂ©. My work this semester will form part of “Humbead’s Encyclopedia,” information to accompany Humbead’s Map. It will be publicly available online (see “Revising Humbead’s Revised Map of the World”). The information is then also going to be catalogued, curated, and organized into a data visualization of the map that Dr. Kramer is working on with Dr. Ana Jofre, who is based at SUNY Polytechnic. Overall, it has been a very fun project and a joy to contribute to as an intern. 

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