A Note from History Major Fiona Stockdale


I should’ve said something earlier but public speaking was never really my strong suit. I just wanted to say thank you to all the faculty of the history department.

Justine used the word “community” and I think that is the most perfect way to describe the special unit we are as Brockport’s History Department. Before I came to Brockport I did an overnight recruiting visit for soccer and on my visit I got to say hello to everyone in the history department and I’m not sure if they remember but I met with Dr. Leslie and Dr. Davila. Our assistant coach at the time Mary Kay Manslanka was a history student at Brockport herself and had arranged all that for me. That tour and those are what sold me to choose Brockport as my school and I am so grateful for all the opportunity I have had since then.

Thank you Dr. Mac and Dr. Daly for your kind words at the ceremony, and thank you to all the professors I had these past three years who were patient with my busy schedule and helped me improve as a student. I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!
Fiona Stockdale

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